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Custom Electric
Custom Electric
Custom Electric
Industrial Heating Elements
Edge Wound Ribbon Heating Elements
Rod Overbend
Plug/Rack Heating Elements
Rod Heating Elements
Helical Coil Heating Elements
Ceramic Fiber Heating Modules
Tubular Heating Elements
Silicon Carbide Heating Elements
High Temperature Bulk Wire
Combustion & Control
Die Casting Machine Lids
Furnace Accessories
Bayonet Heating Elements
High Temperature APM Alloy Tubes
C-Mersion Heaters
Custom Electric

Original Equipment & Replacement Elements Bayonet,rod overbend, ribbon, edge-wound, rod, tubular and helical coil metallic heating elements for all styles of furnaces, ovens and kilns
High Temperature Radiant & Protective TubesKanthal APM о and APMT о tubes
Products for Aluminum Die Casting & Melting Die casting machine lids,

C-Mersion Heating Element.Is an immersion heater system for non - melting,molten metal applications.
Bulk Wire & AccessoriesBulk Kanthal wire in nickel/chrome, Iron Aluminum, APM, etc
Repair Services Custom Electric offers heating element repair services which can result in significant cost saving over purchase of a new unit. Our expertise frequently allows us to improve the performance of the rebuilt heater compared to the original.

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