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Our products : Rod Heating Elements

Rod Heating Elements

Rod Heating Elements

Rod heating elements can be installed on light wall or firebrick furnace linings. They are extremely rugged, and recommended for high temperature furnaces. Applications include annealing, hardening, normalizing, tempering, sintering, stress relieving, curing, paint baking, drying, brazing, nitriding, carburizing, carbonitriding, and aging.

Furnace Type:
Bell, batch, conveyor, rotary hearth, pusher, box draw, car bottom, mesh belt, and pit furnaces, and gas generators and ovens.

Material Options:
Nickel/chrome, iron/chrome/aluminum.

Temperature Range:
200 F to 2370 F (93 C to 1300 C).

Power Rating:
1 to 70 kW per heating element

Up to 3/4 in. diam. (19 mm).


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